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Robby E. December 06, 2013 CheckSoft / CheckSoft 2012 v12

The Windows 8.1 update seems to trigger the system that CheckDesigner uses to validate installations. Some customers have indicated that if they try to enter their original serial number at this prompt, it will not accept the serial number.

To resolve this issue, you will simply need to uninstall and then reinstall CheckDesigner. Doing this, you will be able to successfully enter the serial number when prompted this way. We have confirmed this as a working solution with all customers that have been affected by this issue.

Robby E. August 14, 2013 Other / General

It you are having difficulty installing Driver Genius with a License Number that starts with "BAQKHS", please download Driver Genius using the link below. Simply download this version and install using your existing License Number provided inside your jewel case or on your disc sleeve.



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