To set Interview preferences:

  1. Choose Preferences from the Tools menu.
  2. In the Preferences dialog, click on the Interview tab at the top of the dialog box. Options on the Interview tab include:

    Show Steps dialog
    Mark this option to display the procedure for filling out a document, worksheet, form, or letter each time you open a document.

    Use Smart Data Entry for fields
    Mark this option if you want the program to "help" you complete a data entry field. As you begin to type, the program will try to complete the field based on information you've entered into the program previously.

    Enable Auto Correction of commonly misspelled words
    When this option is marked, the program will correct common typographical errors as you enter data into fields.

    Adjust width of Full Screen Preview to fit on the screen
    Mark this option to adjust the width of the document so it will all be visible on the screen.

    View Layman documents in Preview
    With this option marked, the program replaces some of the legal terms with easier-to-understand definitions and displays them in the Preview. These same easier-to-understand definitions also appear in documents that you print.

    IMPORTANT: The View Layman document in Preview option is for your review only. Layman documents are NOT legal. Unmark this option before printing your finished legal versions.