You can use the Bookmark menu to mark questions in the Interview that you want to return to later.

To add a bookmark:

  1. Go to the question you wish to bookmark.
  2. Select Add Bookmark from the Bookmarks menu.

You also can add a bookmark by clicking on the Bookmark button on the toolbar.

You must save your document if you wish to return to a marked question after closing a document. You can access the bookmarks you've created from either the Interview or the full-screen Preview.

To return to a bookmark you've created previously:

Choose a recent bookmark from the list that's displayed on the Bookmarks menu,


Click the Bookmark button on the toolbar, then select a saved bookmark from the list.

You can delete bookmarks using the Bookmarks dialog. Select Edit Bookmark from the Bookmarks menu or from the Bookmark button on the toolbar. To delete an existing bookmark, select it from the list and click the Delete button.