This is an bug in Bookkeeper and occurred because there was a quote or apostrophe (" or ') added to the name of the company, or one of the bank account names. To keep this from happening in the future, when entering in the information, do not include any quote or apostrophe characters in the name of the bank accounts or company names.

For example, if you wanted to input the following company name: Mike's Garage & Towing

We recommend instead inputting: Mikes Garage & Towing

Notice the apostrophe (') was removed.

You may be able to simply create a new company to resolve this. To do so, simply click on Company and then go to the New Company option.

Creating a new company may not resolve this issue. In that case, you need to reinstall the program from scratch to alleviate this problem. Directions on how this is done can be found in this article:

How can I completely remove and reinstall Bookkeeper? (KB010064)