To resolve the 999 error try the following:

    1. Click Start the go to Control Panel .
    2. Double-click the ODBC Settings icon.This may be in the Administrator Tools section.
    3. Make sure you are on the System DSN tab, click Add.
    4. Select the driver called "Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)".
    5. Click Finish.
    6. For the "Data Source Name" enter in "Bookkeeper" without the quotes.
    7. Leave the "Description" blank.
    8. Click on the "Select" button.
    9. In the middle of this "Select Database" window, under "Directories", Double click on the yellow "C" folder.
    10. Double click on the "Program Files" folder below it. You may have to scroll down.
    11. Double click on the "MySoftware" folder.
    12. Double click on the "Bookkeeper" folder.
    13. Now on the left hand side of this screen, you will see an entry that says "bookkeeper.mdb".
    14. Select/Highlight this "bookkeeper.mdb" file and click OK.
    15. Click OK, and then OK to exit the ODBC Settings screen.

    You should now be able to access the program. Launch Bookkeeper and login with your password. The default password is a "password" without the quotes.