When the user first installs and tries to open a MySoftware or ProVenture program, the program may fail immediately and report the following error message:

This program has performed and illegal operation and will be shut down

Upon clicking the Details button, the error is as follows:

(program) has caused an invalid page fault in module kernel32.dll @ (number)

The error is not specific to any file failure or program error of ours, but rather a result of a conflict between some files that are shared between our program and MS Word and/or MS Office (97, 2000 or XP versions). This will happen every time you try to open your newly installed program. Fixing this error involves uninstalling Microsoft Word (or Office), then reinstalling Word or Office. This repairs and updates the shared system files that our program needs to run properly with your Windows installation.

A simple way of reinstalling Word/Office is to run the "Detect and Repair" option from your Word/Office installer disk. For more information about performing this operation, please refer to the "Resolution" Heading of the Microsoft Knowledgebase article at:


(Scroll to the middle of the page under "Resolution")

If these instructions do not help you, try uninstalling your Word/Office installation, and then reinstalling by choosing the Custom Installation option. When you choose "Custom," there will be checkbox options for you to specify what you want to install. Make sure to check the boxes for Program Files and Converting Files. The other options in addition to Program Files and Converting Files are not necessary for this to succeed, but you would probably want to go ahead and install every option (i.e., go ahead and check all options). After it has reloaded, restart your system and then try to open our program again.