When trying to open Reports on the system, a user may receive the error:

Easyinv caused an invalid page fault in module crpe32.dll

Normally, this message indicates that there are invalid dates in the invoices file that the Reports engine cannot interpret. The first thing to look for are invoices and estimates that are dated 00/00/2000.

  1. Click the Register tab to view your list of invoices.
  2. Clear the Hide Paid Invoices check box to display all of the invoices in your file.
  3. Click the Date column to sort the invoices by date.
  4. Check between December 1999 and January 2000 for invoices that are dated 00/00/2000.
  5. Double-click any invoice with this date to open that invoice in the Invoice tab.
  6. Click in the Date box and enter a valid date.
  7. Return to the Register tab and continue until all instances of 00/00/2000 have been changed to a valid date.
  8. Go through the above steps with your Estimates as well on the Estimates tab.
  9. Now, try to access reports. If you can, you are finished.

If you still get the crpe32.dll error message, you may have the date 02/29/2000 in the file.

To change it, follow the same procedure for finding 02/29/2000 in the Register tab between February 2000 and March 2000, and then changing it to a valid date.

Try to access reports. If you can, you are finished. If you still cannot open the file, we suggest making a Backup of your invoice information (File -> Backup) and e-mailing it to Technical Support for analysis. Sometimes our technicians can repair a corrupted file and allow your Reports to generate correctly. Please contact Technical Support for assistance.