When the user tries to access Reports, he or she may receive the following error message:

EASYINV cased an invalid page fault in module afc100.dll

Most likely, the last report that was selected by the last user was the Sales By Product report. This report is very complex and requires a lot of work by your system to run normally. If you have a lot of invoices and/or you have a slower computer system, the program does not have enough resources to fully run the calculations contained in this report. However, the program (since you had this report as the last selected report) is going to always try and pull up that report on the screen first, since it was the last report icon selected the last time the user successfully was browsing reports. To get around this, the "Sales by Product " report files will need to be deleted before you will be able to access reports again.

To delete the "Sales by Product" report files, please do the following:

  1. Close all open windows and programs running on your system.
  2. Go to your START Menu and choose "Find" or "Search" and then choose to look for "Files or Folders "
  3. In the "Named" box, type:


  4. In the box where it says "Look In", click the downward facing arrow, and select the C: drive. (it will say "C:" or "Local Disk C:").
  5. Now, make sure the checkbox for "Include Subfolders" is checked.
  6. Click "Find Now " and wait until the search animation stops moving (usually a magnifying glass icon).
  7. You should find two files in the results window named "Sales by Product" - one will be an "RPT" file and one will be an "RPF " file.
  8. Highlight each file and delete both of them.

Close the Find/Search window and go back into your program; you should be able to access your reports once again.