This error message is related to the InstallShield application that our program uses to install its files to your computer. To fix this error message, try the following in order:

  1. Close all windows, reboot your system and try installing your program again. If you have any programs running at the same time you install your program, this can prevent the installation from loading properly.
  2. Close down background tasks. You can do this by hitting the CTRL+ALT+DEL keys all at the same time. This will open your Windows Task Manager where you can shut down any tasks or processes that you are not using at the current time. Sometimes a conflicting program is running in the background that will prevent the program from installing (especially a Task Entry for "ikernel", which means InstallShield is not closing and finishing properly on its own).
  3. If you get one of the following error messages on installation:
  • Error extracting support files
  • Error installing Ikernel.exe (0x any number)
  • Access is denied
  • Error loading Type Library/DLL

This can represent a problem with the files that make up your InstallShield program. You can "re-build" the InstallShield program by deleting the following folder from your system:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield

This can be accessed by double-clicking on the My Computer option on your Windows Desktop or in your Start menu. Then, double-click on the folder Program Files. Next, double-click on the folder Common Files, and in there you will see the InstallShield folder. Delete this InstallShield folder.

When you are done, close all open windows, reboot your system and try to install your program again.

You can also refer to the InstallShield support page for installation errors at: