Due to the structure of the invoices database, inserting a line on an existing invoice is not possible. You can add a line below the last line item, but you cannot insert a line anywhere above the last line item.

This applies to all versions of our Invoicing software.

If you need to insert a line into an invoice, you can either edit the existing lines on the invoice or create a new invoice.

The example below describes a method for inserting a line item between the first and second line items of an invoice that already has four line items:

It is advised that you make a backup of your file before trying the following

  1. Click in the line below the last line item.
  2. Enter the exact same information as is already entered in the last line item.
  3. Click in the fourth line and edit it to match the third line.
  4. Click in the third line and edit it to match the second line.
  5. Click in the second line and edit it with the new item that you want to insert.

The invoice now has five line items, and the new line item is placed between the original first and second line items.