Printing Checks using CheckDesigner

It is possible to use the trial version of the CheckDesigner program which is included on the Bookkeeper 4.0 CD to print checks from Bookkeeper.
Bookkeeper,,, or versions cannot use CheckDesigner.

Here is how to print using CheckDesigner with Bookkeeper 4.0:

  1. Purchase blank check stock available from the link below:

    Please note only the Voucher and Standard Business can be used with Bookkeeper.

  2. Install CheckDesigner from the Bookkeeper CD. This is a trial version available for purchase.
  3. Use CheckDesigner to create an account and design a compatible template. See the Help and then CheckDesigner Help in the CheckDesigner Help menu for more details on how to do this. Only compatible style check templates can be used, blank checks will not appear in the MyDesigns window when printing.
  4. Setup Bookkeeper to print to the "CheckDesigner" virtual printer. Open Bookkeeper and click Company and then go to Check Setup to use this printer.
  5. Print from Bookkeeper to the "CheckDesigner Printer" rather than your physical printer(s).