If you are using an Accounting Program (Quicken, QuickBooks, MS-Money, Bookkeeper or MyCheckBook) and want to print a check using the CheckDesigner program, then you will have to design a "Compatible Check" in the CheckDesigner program.

There are two kinds of checks which you can print. Blank Checks and Compatible Checks.

Blank checks: can be printed directly from Check Designer. These checks have all of the design elements, but don't include the payee and amount information. You need to write this information on the checks by hand.

Compatible checks: can be printed directly from your personal finance software, such as MyCheckBook(tm), Quicken®, QuickBooks®, or Microsoft® Money. These checks have all of the design elements and include the payee and amount information for each check.

If you want to print a compatible check then follow these instructions:

  1. Under the "Templates" section double click on the "Compatible Checks" folder.
  2. From here you can choose 4 types of check designs ("Standard Business", "Voucher Business", "Personal Wallet" and "Personal Booklet").
  3. Lets assume that you want to print a "Voucher Business" check.
  4. Double click on "7200-Voucher Business" folder.
  5. You should see a bunch of check designs under this folder. Right click on the design you want to choose (for example: classic1).
  6. Left click on the option that appears ("New Design with Selected Template").
  7. Now you will see the same design name appear under the "My Design" section (bottom left of the screen). You can rename this design if necessary (name it and press enter).
  8. Now open your Accounting Program (MyCheckBook, Quicken, QuickBooks, Bookkeeper etc) and print the check.
  9. When it prompts you to choose the "Check Type", you should choose the type of check you have designed in "Check Designer" program ("Voucher" in this example).
  10. Before printing the check the accounting program will pop up the "Check Designer" program, where it will ask you to "Select Check Design".
  11. You need to choose your "Account Name", "Style of check" that you created and "Type of Check Design" that you created.
  12. Press "Ok".

This will print your compatible check from an accounting program.

NOTE: Before printing the check, open your accounting program, and click on "File | Printer Setup" and for printing checks option, your printer name should be "CheckDesigner Printer".