To print a BLANK PERSONAL check using Check Designer, follow the instructions below:1. Open the program and select your account and then click on USE AN EXISTING ACCOUNT2. Once open, on the top left side of the screen click on TEMPLATES > BLANK CHECKS > 8000-PERSONAL WALLET3. Now you can right click on any one of these designs (ex: Classic1, Classic2, Prestige, etc) and then select NEW DESIGN WITH SELECTED TEMPLATE.4. You will notice this brings that design under MY DESIGNS section.5. Now you can name that design and hit enter when finished. 6. Right click on that design under the MY DESIGNS section and select PRINT.7. Enter the NUMBER OF CHECKS TO PRINT (usually 3) and the STARTING CHECK NUMBER and click on PRINT. If you are not able to print a check, then you may not have the correct printer selected. Click on FILE > PRINTER SETUP and make sure that the correct printer is selected from the drop down list and then click OK. Now try to print your checks.