With your labels program, you have complete control over which record(s) you want to print and how many of each record you want to print out. Below are some instructions for printing a specific record mutliple times from your program:

How to print one record multiple times:

  1. Open your labels program and open the file you wish to print with.
  2. Activate the design you wish to print on the Data Entry tab or the Layouts tab.
  3. Go to the Data Table tab. You will see rows and columns of data you have typed. Each row is information for one data record and each column is data for that specific data field. Each record row is preceded by a number on the left representing that record's placement in the current sort.
  4. Highlight the record you want to print multiple times. Do this by holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and then left-clicking on the record row's number. The entire row should become highlighted.
  5. Go to the File menu and select Print, then choose the first option in the sub-menu to the right of Print (this is to print the active design).
  6. The Print dialog will appear. Set the option in the bottom-left for Print Range to be Selected Records in Data Table.
  7. Now, set the option in the bottom-right for Number of copies to be the number of times you wish to print the selected record. For example, if you have one sheet of 30 labels and you want to print the data record 30 times to fill the entire sheet with the same data, you would enter "30". If you instead wanted 3 sheets of 30 records all the same, you would enter "90" (3 sheets x 30 records per sheet). This number is NOT the number of "sheets", but the number of times you want the data record to print each label, envelope or card.

Insert your label sheet or mail pieces into your printer and click the Print button to begin printing.