The program has 3 different ways for you to check to see if you can get your design to print properly:

  • Check the printer output on the Print Preview screen to see if your design is set up properly. If what you see on the Print Preview is what you want to get out of the printer, you should get that same thing printed out. You can access the Print Preview command by choosing the File menu.

    If the Print Preview screen is correct, but your printer output is wrong, then there is a miscommunication between the program and your printer driver because your printer driver software may be out-of-date or incompatible. To fix this, you will need to download and install the latest version of your printer driver software, available at the website of your printer manufacturer. Find the software that is most recent that matches exactly your printer model and version of Windows you are running on your system. After you have tried this, Uninstall and Reinstall your program and then try to print your job again.

    For Label printing:

    If you are printing labels and the Print Preview is incorrect because it is showing the wrong number of labels on a full sheet (because the sheet's label dimensions do not match the sheet of labels you are feeding into your printer), you have the wrong label size selected. Go to the Edit Menu at the top of the screen and select Change Layout Size (or Change Printout Size ) and use the options on the following screen to identify and select the label size that matches the physical label sheets you are using.

    If your design area is right on the Print Preview, but the placement of data on the label area in the Print Preview is incorrect or simply missing, then you will need to check the Output Forms tab to re-align and position your data fields on your label, envelope or sheet (whatever you are using). Do this by selecting Change Layout Size (or Change Printout Size) from the Format menu at the top of screen, and then using your mouse to add and/or reposition your data fields on the design area.
  • The print setup has margins to define that specify how much spacing is on the top, bottom and sides of the page. If you have changed your margins to "bleed" over onto the design area, then the printer results are going to be askew. Make sure you have about 1/2 inch (0.5") margins on all sides of the page. You can edit the values of your page margins by clicking on the Margins button on the print setup screen.
  • If everything else is set right according to the suggestions above, but your printout is still misaligned, click the Calibrate button on the print setup screen. This will let you print out a sheet to get a "grid" of lines with numbering that you can use to determine the proper alignment of the sheet in your printer. Print out the grid and follow the instructions on the screen to finish your calibration.

We hope you find this information helpful in getting your labels to print out correctly. If you still need help printing labels after trying these suggestions, you may need to contact technical support for specific assistance with your particular design.