The printing mechanism of some models of Hewlett-Packard "DeskJet" Printers, as well as some other manufacturers' inkjet-style printers, are built such that their printout pages have an "unprintable area" at the bottom of the page. In Bookkeeper, this area unfortunately corresponds to the extreme bottom portion of the invoice printout.

If an invoice is printed to one of these printers, the bottom line and some other portions will not print at all at the bottom of the invoice because that part falls within a region on the page that the printer cannot accommodate.

  • We apologize that this is not a fixable problem because it is directly related to the printer hardware running on the user's system.
  • The only way to avoid this problem is to obtain and print the invoice to a laser printer, which do not exhibit this problem, or a different inkjet printer, as not all models have this kind of "unprintable region" that causes the problem.

To test this, try to print an invoice to a laser printer if available and you will see that this same behavior does not occur.