This can be approximated by customizing the LCC-35 4 per page landscape rolodex card.

  1. Select the Format menu and choose New Form (you will need to be viewing the Output Forms to select this)
  2. When prompted to enter a name, call it something descriptive, maybe 'Landscape 4Up PostCards' or something similar, and then click OK.
  3. In the Part Number box, type LCC-35 which will display a 4 per page landscape rolodex card. With this rolodex card design highlighted, click the Custom button and enter the dimensions as shown in the image.

  4. Click OK twice which will take you to the "Design" mode where you can add your mailing fields or whatever you would to have on the postcard. Since a rolodex card has been customized, it is important to note that the two slots on the bottom of the card are unprintable regions. Refrain from adding fields/images over the slots, as these areas will not print.