You can skip over the used areas on the first sheet of labels or cards if you’re using a sheet-feed printer. This doesn’t prevent any records from printing, it just prints the records in different locations on the page.

  1. Open the File menu and choose Print > Label to open the Print Setup dialog.

    Click the Skip Labels button at the bottom of the dialog to open the Select labels to Skip on First Label Sheet dialog and display a sample page.

  2. Click on the areas you want to skip.

    You can either click labels one at a time or click and drag to select several labels at once. Skipped areas are marked with an X. To remove an X, click the area again, or click the Clear All button. When printing multiple records, all of the records you selected will print; only the positions where the labels are printed on the first page will be adjusted.

  3. Click OK to return to the Print Setup dialog.