The Reports Tab will allow you to customize Reports to print out and view various aspects of your database information. One of the features of the database reporting engine is the ability to total data in a field for each record in your database.

The totaling function will only be available if you have fields in your database set to be Currency, Numeric or Calculated. Only fields you created or modified to be one of these field types will be available as options to total on reports.

If you are trying to make a report that is going to total a field, but you cannot choose any fields to total, then you do not have any fields that are defined as Currency, Numeric or Calculated -type fields. You will have to modify your database structure to allow you to do this with your specific information. Please do the following to make this change:

  1. Click on the Data Entry Tab
  2. Now, click on the Format Menu and choose Edit Data Entry Form
  3. On this new view with the yellow background, choose the Format Menu and select Field Properties
  4. On the new window that appears, choose the field you want to total in the Field Name drop-down
  5. Now check that field's Field Type and select it to be Numeric, Currency, or Calculated
  6. Click the OK button on this window and then click on the OK button at the top of the screen
  7. Go back to the Reports Tab and check the Show Total box and then choose Configure underneath it.
  8. You should now be able to click the option to Total Fields and then check to choose the field you made your change to.

You can read more about configuring Reports and Totals by referencing the User's Guide, accessible by choosing the Help Menu.