Your database program can export its data to a text-based file which then can be used to import or directly open into other database or contact management programs. This can also be a way to backup your information in cause of file loss or file corruption.

Here is an overview of how you can make an export:

  1. Open your list file in your database program
  2. Go to the File menu and select Export
  3. On the Export dialog, select the record range you wish to export. To export or backup everything, choose the option All Records
  4. In the center of the dialog window, click the Add All button to tell the program to export data from every field in your database. If you want to export only specific fields instead, highlight the field(s) you want to export in the listing on the left, then click the Add button to send them to the export. Click OK when you are done.
  5. The Save As dialog will open. Choose a Windows location you wish to send this exported file to in the Save In drop-down listing at the top. Then, choose the Export Type from the drop-down listing at the bottom. The default setting is Quote and Comma Separated Variable (*.CSV) and this is a "universal" text-based data file format that almost any database-type program can read and interpret. Use this option if you are not sure what type to export, otherwise, choose any of the other options if you prefer for the export type.
  6. The last option to confirm is the File Name. The default name is ExpFile, however, you can change this name to anything you wish by typing in a different name.
  7. Click Save when you are done.

The program has now created a separate file with the raw text data from your database in the location you specified with the filename you entered. You can now use this exported file as the file to import in your other program, or simply archive it to protect your information.