To transfer your data from one pc to another, follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to the original computer that contains the data that you need to transfer.
  2. Open the Invoices program and click on FILE | BACKUP FILE | BROWSE
  3. Change where it say's LOOK IN to DESKTOP
  4. The filename should already be entered so click on OPEN
  5. Now click on OK or YES.
  6. Now you need to take that backup file which is saved on the desktop and transfer it to the other PC. You can do this by either using a floppy disk, burning the file to a CDR, using a flash drive or emailing the file to the other computer.
  7. Once you have the file in the 2nd computer and have already installed the Invoices program, put the backup file on the desktop.
  8. Open the Invoices program and select NEW FILE
  9. Type in the exact same filename that you had called it in the other computer. This need's to be verbatim.
  10. Click on OPEN and cancel the Wizard that comes up.
  12. Change LOOK IN to DESKTOP and select the backup file and click on OPEN
  13. Click on OK or YES.

This should restore your information from the other file. Check by clicking on the REGISTER and making sure all your old invoices are in there.