First you need to have a backup of the file you wish to restore on a different computer. To backup the file that is on your original computer, open the program and open the file. Assuming you are making the backup to a floppy disk, go to File | Backup | Yes. If successful, you will get a message indicating "Selected files backed up successfully." Take the floppy disk to the new computer.

When you restore your files from a backup, the program checks to make sure that the name of the invoice file that you are restoring to matches the name of the invoice file that was backed up.

For example, if your original invoice file was named Invoices.inv when you made the backup, you must have an invoice file named Invoices.inv open when you restore from the backup.

To Restore a Backup File on a Different Computer:

  1. Install the program on your new computer.
  2. Insert the disk that contains your backup file.
  3. Start the program and click the option to Create a new file. Name the file with the same root name as your backup file (if your backup file is called invoices backup.bak, you need to name the new file invoices ). Click Open and then Cancel the Invoices & Estimates Setup Wizard.
  4. Open the File menu and choose Restore from Backup to open the Restore from Backup dialog.
  5. Click the Browse button and locate the backup file on the disk you inserted.
  6. Choose the file and click Open to return to the Restore from Backup dialog.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Click Yes to restore your files from the backup.

If the program detects that the invoice file names do not match you will get an error message like the following:

"The selected file does not contain valid information for Invoices.inv. However, this file does contain valid information for Invoice.inv. If you want to restore Invoice.inv you must first open the file."

In the above message the name is wrong because there is an extra "s" in the name of the file being restored. The file name needs to be the same as the file name contained in the Backup file. Write down the name of the original invoice file (where it says, "however, this file does contain valid information for **filename**) and click OK. Then, click Cancel in the Restore from Backup dialog. Open the File menu and choose New File to create a new file using the correct file name. After the new file is created, start the instructions above from step 4.