When you launch the program, it automatically opens the last invoice file that you were working on. This "freezing" happens when the product files associated with that invoice file are corrupted. Most likely, you had some sort of a power outage while the program was running, which has damaged some product files. You will have to locate the 3 product files for the program, and delete 2 of them (the one you don't delete is the product.dpl file).

To do so: First, end task on the program so that the hourglass is no longer displaying on your computer screen.

  1. Double-click the MyComputer icon on your desktop
  2. Double-click your C:\ drive
  3. If you used the default Program Directory that the program automatically chooses during installation, locate your Program Directory:

    C:\Program Files\MySoftware\MyInvoices\

  4. Find the files product.dbf and product.dbx in the main installation folder and Delete both (do NOT delete product.dpl)
  5. Close all open windows and try to open the program again. If the program opens successfully, then your Product List was corrupted and you will need to restore this information from a Backup file. By deleting these two files from your program directory, the Product List was deleted and the program is allowed to open again correctly.