To add clipart to a design in your database program, you can choose to add an image file from the program CD, an image file from the Clipart folder for the program, or an image file that you have created or downloaded from a website or other program.

To add a clipart image to your output form:

  1. Select the Output Forms tab.
  2. Select the Insert menu and choose Clipart. The Pick Picture dialog box will open.
  3. Browse to the clipart image's location.

    The Pick Picture dialog displays the Clipart folder on your hard drive (the C: drive). Browse through these images to see if there is one you want to use. You can browse to this folder manually by going to C:\Program Files\MySoftware\(program name)\Clipart

    Additional clipart is available on the program CD-Rom in a folder also named Clipart. To get to Clipart, select your CD-Rom Drive (for most people this is the D: drive), double-click on the Clipart folder, then double-click on the folder for genre of clipart you want..

    You can also choose a clipart image that you created, or that you have downloaded from the web or another program. To do so, simply browse to the folder on your hard drive that contains your chosen clipart image.

  4. When you select a clipart image that you want to use (either from the disk, from the program folder, or from somewhere else on your hard drive), a preview of the picture displays on the right side of the dialog. When the preview shows the image you want to add, click OK.
  5. Position your mouse cursor on the design where you want the clipart image to be added, then left-click to place it. The image will be added to the design.

You can now reposition the image by left-clicking and holding down your left mouse button and then moving your mouse cursor to the new position you want the image to be at. Let go of your mouse button when you have in the place you want.

You can also re-size your image by left-clicking on it to highlight it, then left-clicking and holding down your left mouse button on any of the little square icons that you'll see on each of the corners of your highlighted image. Drag your mouse to resize the image, then let go when the image is the size and shape you want it.

When you are done in the Design view, click the OK button at the top of the screen.

If at any time during your modifications you make changes to your design that you want to "undo", choose the Edit menu and then select Undo. This will undo your last change. If you want to cancel all the changes you have made on the Design view and go back to entering data (meaning that you will abandon all the work you've done in this session of designing), click the Cancel button at the top of the screen instead.