Data for the Password section can be entered in two ways:

Autosave password and other information from Internet Explorer in MyUltimateOrganizer
Passwords and the data from a web form can easily be saved in MyUltimateOrganizer. During installation, MyUltimateOrganizer will install a toolbar in Internet Explorer which, with a click of a mouse, picks up the password and other data from the form and saves it along with the web page link. You can then edit the data, add new fields, change label names, change groups, mask and demask fields, etc. The MyUltimateOrganizer Internet Explorer toolbar may also be used even when the MyUltimateOrganizer main application is not running. During the next startup of the MyUltimateOrganizer application data will be saved and the password section will be updated.

Using Passwords New/Edit dialog box
To display this dialog box, please do one of the following: double click the empty space in the passwords list; click the New button on the toolbar; select the New Password... item from the right click menu; choose Edit -> New Password... from the application menu; or press the Insert key.