You can set all parameters related to the Palm synchronization from the menu File -> PDA Devices -> Palm. Below is explanation about the procedure of synchronization in three steps.

1. Install/Uninstall

Click: File -> PDA Devices -> Palm -> Install/Uninstall...

By selecting this menu item you can choose sections from MyUltimateOrganizer which will be synchronized with appropriate applications on your Palm device. Simply check sections you want to synchronize with Palm applications, or uncheck them if you don't want to synchronize.

2. Filters Settings

Click: File - > PDA Devices -> Palm -> Filters Settings...

In this dialog box you can choose which MyUltimateOrganizer data you want to transfer to your Palm connected organizer. All new Palm connected organizer transfer to MyUltimateOrganizer when you synchronize your entries.

3. Users/Databases

Click: File -> PDA Devices -> Palm -> Users/Databases...

When you synchronize for the first time, you select the MyUltimateOrganizer database you want to associate with your Palm connected organizer. If you have a named, multiple-user MyUltimateOrganizer database open that isn't already associated with a Palm connected organizer user, you can associate your Palm connected organizer with this MyUltimateOrganizer database. Once you've made an association, you can synchronize your entries.