Click: File - > PDA Devices -> Palm -> Filters Settings...

In this dialog box you can choose which MyUltimateOrganizer data you want to transfer to your Palm connected organizer. All new Palm connected organizer transfer to MyUltimateOrganizer when you synchronize your entries.

Select Section

Select the data you want to synchronize in one of the following ways:

a) Select any data (under list box), or click Select All to transfer some or all of your records to your Palm connected organizer when you synchronize.
b) Click Options and select the date range, groups, address mapping fields etc. that includes the entries you want to synchronize, and click OK to confirm your selection.

Note: You can select a different date range for each section and you can select specific entries for each section within the date range you want to synchronize.

When you've selected all the data you want to synchronize, click OK.