If you have lost your data because of data corruption (such as an error message when attempting to open the program), or if you have made unintended changes to the program and wish to go back to the state of the data as of a day or a few days ago, and you do not have a backup file to restore, you still may be able to get your data back by trying the program's Safe folders:

Version 5.x creates copies of the last 5 times you opened the program, and version 6.x creates copies of the last 20 times you opened the program. These files are stored in the folder:

C:\Program Files\MySoftware\MyInvoices\Safe

  1. Close all programs.
  2. Open My Computer
  3. Navigate to "C:\Program Files\MySoftware\MyInvoices\"
  4. Right click on the folder called "Safe" and select Copy (you won't see anything happen when you select Copy)
  5. Minimize this Window to return to your Desktop.
  6. Right click somewhere on the blank space of your Desktop, and select Paste. Wait for this operation to finish.
  7. Double click the Safe folder from your desktop, and you will see several folders labeled 1 through 5 (and for users of version 6.0, possibly up to 1 through 20).
  8. Double click on the "1" folder.
  9. Select View | Details.
  10. Locate the file that has the invoicing program's icon - it is red and green and looks like an envelope with cash coming out of it.
  11. Double click on this file with the green and red icon and the Invoice program will launch.
  12. When the program opens, immediate do "File" | "Save As" and save the file with a new name to somewhere other than the Safe folder. We recommend C:\Program Files\MySoftware\MyInvoices\Data for version 5.x users or to My Documents\MyInvoices for version 6.0 users.

Note: If unsuccessful, try repeating from step 8 above, each time trying the next folder down (2, 3,...)