In order to restore a backup file, you must first know the name of the backup file you wish to restore. Let us say for example that it is called "Invoices backup.bak" (a backup file always ends with backup.bak from this program).

  1. Open your invoicing program.
  2. Create a new file (File | New File) with the same root name as your backup file. In our example, since our backup file is called "Invoices backup.bak", you would create a file called "Invoices" (without the backup.bak ending).
  3. Click Open, click Cancel to the Invoice Setup Wizard.
  4. Go to File | Restore from backup and Browse to the location of your backup file.
  5. Click on the backup file and then select OK

You will receive a warning message telling you that you are about to replace the data in the current (blank) file with what is in the backup file. To continue, click Yes and the data in the backup file will restore.