Our Invoicing programs store information in databases that may occasionally become corrupted. Like many other database programs, if the file is accessed improperly, or the function of the program is terminated unexpectedly or abnormally, the database that is being accessed by the Invoices program at the time may lose its integrity and begin to fail (partially or completely). Often a corruption of the file will become apparent when the Invoicing program is shut down due to a power outage, or if the Windows operating system of the computer is malfunctioning and forces the user to terminate the program through a forced restart (because of a system lock-up or "freeze").

A file corruption is present if you get the message:

*FILENAME* cannot be opened due to possible data corruption Would you like to restore a Backup?

Click NO to this message. This is because you cannot Restore a Backup file into a currently corrupted invoices file.

If you discover that your file is corrupted, do NOT continue to use the file. Immediately restore a "Backup" file made on a date prior to the problem's first occurrence and do so into a new, blank invoices file with the same name as the file that's corrupted.