When trying to restore a Backup file, the program may report the following error message:

No *.INV files found in Backup

This happens for one of two reasons:

1) The file path chosen in the Backup restore dialog is incorrect for locating the Backup file


2) The file cannot be read by the system due to a damaged Backup file or damaged storage media (bad disk).

First verify that the file path you are choosing is the correct place that holds your Backup file. Do this by clicking on the Browse button in the Resore Backup file dialog. Make sure that you can browse to the folder or disk location of your Backup and that you actually see the Backup file name in the browsing window. Highlight the Backup file and then choose to open it to Restore. See if this works.

If not, then you most likely have a corrupted disk or damaged Backup file that cannot be read by the system. An easy way to tell if this is the case is to manually try to Copy and Paste the Backup file from your floppy disk to your Windows Desktop. Often (because the file is unreadable by the system), Windows will report that the file could not be accessed or that the file cannot be read to move. If you get this message, then this is the indication that your file is on a corrupted disk and cannot be read. You would want to restore a different Backup disk to proceed.