You can export your document to rich text format (.RTF) compatible with most word processing programs, to Adobe's portable document format (.PDF) for storing or sending by email, or to the Document Editor, the program's onboard word processor, for additional editing.

Note: Altering the content of a document may affect its validity. You may wish to consult a lawyer if you intend to make significant changes.

To export the legal document that is currently open:

  1. Choose Export Document from the File menu.
  2. Choose one of the following:

    • Export to PDF -- saves the document in portable document format. This can be opened in Adobe Reader, a common document viewing tool.
    • Export to RTF -- saves the document in rich text format. This can be opened and edited by a word processing program.
    • Export to Document Editor -- opens the document in the program's Document Editor. The Document Editor has many formatting and editing features of a word processing program.

  3. In the Export dialog, select the drive and directory for the document.
  4. In the File name: field/box type in a file name for the document
  5. Click Save.

You can export a document to RTF or PDF format from the Interview or the full-screen Preview. 

From the Document Editor, you can only export the document as RTF. Simply choose Export Document from the Editor File menu and continue as above.