Export of logo documents allows you to export a logo document to other known format that can later be opened in other programs for further image processing. To export a logo document, click on the Export button located in the main toolbar or from the File menu choose Export logo to image. The Export dialog box will appear which allows you to choose the following file types:

JPEG Image
BMP Windows bitmap image
PNG image
TIF Image
GIF Image
PDF Adobe Acrobat

All types of images and documents in which you can export logo are located on the left side of Export dialog.

On the right side of the dialog, you can find the appropriate controls for setting a document name and location. Percentage of original combo box allows you to decrease or increase the size of your exported document from 10% to 300%.

For JPEG Image, it is possible to set the quality of image (from 1 to 100) where 1 is the highest compression and the worst quality, and 100 is the lowest compression and the best quality of an image. For BMP Windows bitmap image, it is possible to set three qualities of image: 16/24/32 bit depth.

Note: Logo Maker uses parameters from the New Logo/Canvas Options dialog, during logo export. For instance, if the canvas color is set for transparent, exported PNG file will be transparent as well.