There are several situations where you might want to import a user profile.

  • You upgraded from an another version of the program and want to access your previously created documents or user profile.
  • You cannot locate a user profile you created in MyAttorney and need to browse to find it and bring it back into the program. This can happen if you had to reinstall the program, for example.

When you import a user profile, all saved documents are automatically converted at the same time.

To import a user profile and convert your documents from an another version of the program:

  1. Launch MyAttorney.
  2. Select Import User from the File menu.
  3. Navigate to My Documents.
  4. Use the File Type drop-down list to search for All Files.
  5. Select the user file you used when you originally created your documents. This file is saved with the extension of .flp or .blp.
  6. Click Open. Your previously saved documents will now be linked to MyAttorney and should be visible in your Saved Document list on the Main Screen.

After you've imported the user profile and saved documents, you can uninstall any other versions of the program if you wish. This will remove it from the Start menu. However, we recommend that you do not delete the program folders from your hard drive because this will remove the links to the information you previously entered. If you want to delete these folders, be sure to move your user profile to the new program folder before you do.

Note: Documents have been changed to reflect current legislation in newer version of the program. Data from documents created in other versions of the program may not transfer in all situations. Be sure to go through the Interview process of any imported document to verify their accuracy.