Before you can send invoices through email, you need to set up each customer to receive invoices through email. Invoices are sent as text or PDF attachments to an email message through your MAPI-based (Messaging Application Programming Interface) email program.

After you click Print in the Print Invoices & Estimates dialog, a confirmation message appears to make sure that the invoices printed successfully. The invoice files are saved in the Bookkeeper\Invoices folder in your My Documents folder. You can confirm that they were successfully saved by opening the files and viewing them.

Click Yes to open another message reminding you that invoices will be sent through email. After clicking Yes in this message, each invoice is sent to its customer.

Note: Using Bookkeeper to send invoices through email requires a MAPI-based email program.

If you don’t have a MAPI-based email program installed and configured on your computer, you can’t use Bookkeeper to send the invoices.

However, you can use your email program to attach the text or PDF file of the invoice to an outgoing message to your customer.