After completing the Interview, there are a few steps that you must take in order to have a legally binding document. You must print and sign (and have notarized, if necessary) your document.

The Preview screen allows you to check the document for any mistakes or changes you'd like to make. After completing your review of the document using the full-screen Preview and making any changes you found were necessary, you're ready to finish. In order to have a legally binding document, you must print it; in most cases, you must sign it; and in some cases, you must have it witnessed and/or notarized.

To print the document open on your screen:

  1. Choose Print from the File menu, or click the Print button from on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Designate the number of copies you want to print and any other features available on your printer.
  3. Click OK to print the document.

The program prints a Final Checklist as a part of each document. Carefully read and follow the instructions in it. Depending upon the document, the Final Checklist includes the following sections:

Make It Legal
When to Consult a Lawyer
Other Information
Reasons to Update

We recommend that you make a copy of the document in case you need to make changes or reprint your document, as well as keeping a copy for your own records.