The Bookkeeper Quickbooks Integrator uses a third party tool called QODBC from FlexQuarters. This tool provides the connection between the two applications. Their tool can also be used to integrate other applications to QuickBooks (e.g. Excel, Access, etc.). Please visit the QODBC website for more information:


QODBC must be installed prior to running the Bookkeeper Quickbooks Integrator. The tool can be purchased from their website. Make sure you purchase the installer for the QuickBooks Desktop USA version. If you do not wish to purchase at this time, there is a free 30 day trial version available from their website. 


When installing QODBC, accept all the default settings. When the license key window appears, if you want to just use the 30 day free trial, do not enter anything here and just continue. If you already have QODBC on your computer, there is no need to install a newer version provided that the version of QODBC that you have supports the current version of QuickBooks you are using.


At the end of the installation of the Bookkeeper Quickbooks Integration application, there will be an option to install the 30 day free trial version of QODBC. The free trial will provide the functionality needed to import QuickBooks data into Bookkeeper. 


Note that the 30 day trial cannot be reinstalled.