If you are getting an "A" printing on your invoices instead of a checkmark in the Tax columns of your Invoicing program, you will need to adjust a printer setting in your printer driver to allow the correct information to print.

  1. Go to your Windows Control Panel and select Printers
  2. Here, right-click on your printer, and choose Properties.
  3. Look for the following two options in your printer driver's settings (we unfortunately cannot give exact instructions for this, as each driver is unique)

    Raster (usually on a Graphics tab)
    Print True Type Fonts as Graphics
    (usually on a Fonts tab)

  4. If you find these options, choose to enable them and click Apply these enact these changes.
  5. Click OK, reboot your computer, and try to print again in your program.

At this point, the "A" should now be a checkmark.