If the Update button under the Utilities menu is greyed out and you cannot update to version, you can manually update with the following steps:

  1. Close BookKeeper if it is open
  2. Download the update from the following link:

    http://www.avanquestusa.com/techsupport/Bookkeeper_11002_Patch 20120528.zip

  3. Save the file to an easily accessible location, such as your Desktop
  4. After the file has completed the download, extract the executable file (Bookkeeper_11002_Patch.exe) from the ZIP file
  5. Double-click the extracted executable file (Bookkeeper_11002_Patch.exe) to start the installation
  6. Follow the on-screen directions to complete the installation of the update
  7. After the update has completed its installation, please restart your computer

At this point, you should see that the version is now in the Help - About screen of BookKeeper.

The primary fix for this update is to update the form 941 to show the correct year as well as the new IRS format.