Bank Account Reconciliation

  • Select everything that should be reconciled
  • Set the statement ending balance to match so that the account reconciles
  • On the next reconciliation, set the last statement ending balance to the correct last statement ending balance


Invoice Numbers

  • As invoices are loaded, the invoice numbers will start at 1 and will be incremented as new invoices are added.
  • The actual Quickbooks invoice number will be stored in the Custom field on the Bookkeeper invoice


Check Transactions

  • Checks with no check numbers will be assigned the next highest check number
  • Existing blank check stock that is less than the highest check number assigned can be destroyed. If desired, those checks can be used by manually entering the check numbers and using Bookkeeper’s ability to edit the check number on a check.
  • Another option would be to setup another bank account (same bank account information) using a starting check number of the next number in the existing check stock.



  • Wage accounts need associated GL account to be selected
  • Local taxes need to be selected
  • Employees federal, state and local WH statuses, exemptions, additional WH need to be setup
  • Employee YTD amounts need to be enter before a payroll run is performed
  • Deductions need to be created if applicable and associated to employees