This software program has been discontinued and is no longer supported by Avanquest USA.

We apologize for the fact that we cannot help with technical issues with this software. Over time, software programs cannot be counted upon to perform as expected on newer computers running more advanced software and hardware. We strive to provide as much backwards-compatibility as we can for our software applications, but eventually we must phase out our older programs. This is because we cannot expect our older software code to integrate fully with newer technology - especially more advanced printers and newer versions of operating systems. Without full compatibility, our technical support staff is unable to utilize our standard troubleshooting methods because the behavior of the program cannot be predicted. We are sorry for the inconvenience this causes you.

If you need help with your program, we advise you research your program's online or written documentation to determine if you can resolve your problem on your own. Usually you can find useful information on the "Help" menu in the title bar of your program, or you may find this by reading the program's User's guide or Manual. If your software shipped with a printed manual, refer to that. If you did not get a printed manual, check your program's installation folder. See if you find a documentation file inside the folder in a "Help" file or Adobe Acrobat PDF manual (users of Windows 95 and higher may find this in their Startmenu as well).

You may wish to upgrade your program to a newer version in order to keep using your preferred program and/or to keep using any existing data you have. If this is the case, we are more than happy to help you identify a newer version and assist you in transferring your data files (if possible).

To upgrade your program and receive information about customer loyalty discounts for existing users, please contact Avanquest Sales.

If you wish to know if your existing data will transfer, please contact Technical Support and provide your old program's Serial # and Version #, as well as the name of the program to which you are upgrading. We can then give you an assessment as to whether or not you can retain your existing information for use in a newer program.