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If you need help with your program, we advise you research your program's online or written documentation to determine if you can resolve your problem on your own. Usually you can find useful information on in the "Help" menu in the title bar of your program, or you may find this by reading the program's User's guide or Manual (usually accessible in your program's "Help" menu as well).

If your software shipped with a printed manual, refer to that. If you did not get a printed manual, check your program's installation folder see if you find a documentation file inside the folder in a "Help" file or Adobe Acrobat PDF manual (users of Windows 95 and higher may find this in their Start menu as well). You can often find a digital document titled "User's Guide" or "Manual" in your program folder that will open with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

If you still need assistance with your program, please click on the 'Ask a Question' tab to submit an email question.

You may also contact our Technical Support team for one-on-one assistance with your program.