** This procedure only works with Book Keeper 2006 ** You can only import CSV files into Book Keeper **

  1. Open Book Keeper 2006
  3. Select the correct checkbox which applies for you and then click BROWSE and locate the file that contains the Data and click on OPEN.
  4. Click NEXT, if your file that you are trying to import contains Headers or Column Names, then check the box for THIS FIRST RECORD CONTAINS COLUMN HEADERS (otherwise check the other box) and click NEXT.
  5. Now you need to assign the fields. For instance you are importing a customer list that contains FIRST & ADDRESS. In the SELECT FIELD IN IMPORT FILE TO ASSIGN, click on FIRST and then in the SELECT CORRESPONDING FIELD IN DATABASE, click on CONTACT NAME and then click on ASSIGN. Now click on ADDRESS and then the corresponding file would be ADDRESS LINE 1 and then click on ASSIGN.
  6. Click on IMPORT. Once completed, select NO for IMPORT MORE DATA.
  7. Now you can go and check the Customers window to see if the import went through correctly