If you are experiencing problems with Bookkeeper 2006, please install the following patch.

  1. Close your Bookkeeper program, download the attached patch, then double click it to run the patch.
  2. Click the default affirmative options - for most users, Open (or Run) | OK | Finish.
  3. To check if the patch has been successfully installed, open the program and go to "Help | About". The "Version" should now be

This patch fixes the following issues:

  • Error message when voiding a check
  • Fix the issues when trying to delete an invoice payment
  • Fix Report Grouping bugs (report not showing and showing twice)
  • Fix the bug when trying to delete an invoice payment
  • Fix to Customer Transaction Summary report
  • Changed the validation in the bank reconciliation screen for the last statement ending date
  • Fix the bug that involved Pending a bank reconciliation where a transfer was involved and you were trying to reconcile the "target" account of the transfer
  • Changed the form 941. Aligned printing and provided support for the fact that the 941 is a two sided report now.
  • Corrected printing alignment on the 940 form
  • Fixed the problem where inventory adjustments were having the cost rounded to the nearest dollar