Many MySoftware and ProVenture programs ship with a 1 or 2 page pamphlet called the "Getting Started Quickly" Guide in the program box. This "Getting Started Quickly" Guide is designed to help you install the program from your CD, open the program and then get started using basic functions of the program.

This "Getting Started Quickly" Guide is NOT the "Manual" for the program. Each program comes with an electronic document called a "User's Guide" or "Manual" that is installed along with your program.

After you've followed the instructions in the "Getting Started Quickly" Guide to install your program, you can open the User's Guide/Manual on your system by clicking on the START Menu, choosing "Programs", then "MySoftware" (or "ProVenture"), then you will see the icons for the program. One icon will be the "launcher" to open the program itself, and other icons will say "User's Guide" or "Manual". Click on the icon for the "User's Guide/Manual" to open the manual on your screen.

The User's Guide/Manual will open with a program called "Adobe Acrobat Reader" that will be on your system. This is a program that is used to open "PDF" files, which is a file type that many companies use to digitally distribute documents. Our manuals can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader versions 4.0 and higher. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, your MySoftware/ProVenture disk should have installed it for you. If not, then please visit the Adobe website at for a free download of their FREE Acrobat Reader program.

This PDF User Guide file allows you to view and read the manual right on your screen. You can use the Scroll bar on the far right-hand side of the window to scroll through the "pages" of the manual, and use the chapter heading links on the left-hand pane to "quick-jump" to a specific section of the manual.

If you wish to print out a hard copy of the manual, you can do so by choosing the "Print" command in the "File" Menu of Adobe Acrobat Reader. (***PLEASE NOTE*** The manuals for our programs are often between 150-250 pages and will require this many sheets from your printer to print entirely.) We do not print out hard copies of program manuals. This is the keep the prices of software production down, which we pass on to our customers through lower-priced programs.

If you cannot open Acrobat Reader because you get an error message you may need to uninstall and reinstall the Acrobat Reader program to get it to work properly. To do this, go to the "START" Menu on your system, and choose the Control Panel (this is under "Settings" unless you have Windows XP). Here, find and double-click on "Add/Remove Programs". This will open a window where you can modify your installed programs - find the option for "Adobe Acrobat Reader" and then click the "Add/Remove" or "Change/Remove" button. Follow the on-screen instructions to remove your installation of Acrobat Reader. When you're done, reboot your system and then reinstall Acrobat Reader by visiting the Adobe website link mentioned above ( and then browsing to find the free Adobe Acrobat Reader download.