If you want to quickly fill data cells by repeating the same text for each record, you can use the program's Replace command from the Edit menu to accomplish this. This will allow you to have each cell of a data field repeat with the same text for each record all the way through your list. Common uses of this function would be to place the same State in the "ST" field of your list records, or place the text "Current Resident" in the "Name" field for every record.

To do this, choose Replace from the Edit Menu and then click on the Advanced tab. Now, you are going to construct a sequence of conditions that will tell the program to automatically "fill in" fields when a record or records meet those conditions.

For example, if your "Country" field is blank for all your records, and you want to make every record in your list add the text "USA" in the "Country" field, you would make the first drop-down box say "Country", then the second drop-box will highlight. Make the second drop-down box say "is blank". Then, go to the bottom section of the window and make the first "Replace" drop-down say "Country" and then make the corresponding "replace with" directly to the right of it say "USA" (because that is the text you want to enter in your database in this example).

Basically, what you are doing is making a conditional statement to the program to add/replace text in a field when conditions are met for a record, and the drop-down boxes in the top let you construct these conditions. In our example,you have basically told the program, "Find records when the 'Country' field is blank, and when you do, replace the contents of the 'Country' field with the text 'USA'."

The advanced "Replace" window can perform some very advanced, very powerful and very accurate replacements in your list of names, thereby saving you the time you would need to manually enter or change your data by hand. For more information, see the sub-heading for "Replacing Data" in your program User's Guide, accessible in your Windows START Menu.