When a clipart image is added to an output form, the actual clipart image is not physically uploaded to the file, but rather our program "stores" the file name and location as a "pointer" so that the database program can display the image file contents on your screen when you are editing a design. If this image file is moved or renamed on your system, or if the image was on a removable disk or CD that is now currently not in your drive, then the program cannot "see" the image file it is supposed to be including in your design.

If you had inserted a clipart image from the CD, and the CD is not in the drive, then you will get this message. Simply put the CD back in the drive, close the program, and re-open the program. The message will go away, and your clipart image will be on your layout where you had put it.

If you had inserted a clipart image from a location on your hard drive, then either delete and re-add the image in your design using the new file name and location, or use Windows Explorer to put the image file back into its original location (and name) on your hard drive when you first added the image to your design. This will allow the "pointer" in the design to point to the correct file in the correct place on your computer and thus display it on your screen as before.