After installing CheckDesigner and when attempting to setup an account, if the MICR symbols display as the letters "A", "C", "D", follow the instructions to fix this:

Windows 2000 or XP:

If you run Windows XP, or Windows 2000, rebooting your computer will fix this:

  1. Close down all your running programs
  2. Click Start => Shutdown or Turn of this Computer => Restart.
  3. Once rebooted, launch the CheckDesigner and you will see the MICR font symbols

Windows 95, 98, & Me:

Your computer may have exceeded the Windows 95/98/Me installed font limit. This limit is based on the amount of space allocated for font names and path names to font files in the Windows Registry. The longer your font names and files paths to the fonts are, the fewer fonts you can install at one time before reaching the limit.

In general, you can install between 800 and 1000 fonts. This number can vary for individual systems, so use this number as a guideline, not a rule.

We suggest trying to remove the 400 MySoftware fonts to see if this resolves this problem

  1. Click Start => Settings => Control Panel => Add Remove Programs
  2. Select the MySoftware Fonts, and click Add/Remove
  3. Run through the process of removing this set of fonts which should clear out 400 fonts from your computer.

Copy the MICR font file into place, follow these instructions:

  1. Open up MyComputer
  2. Navigate to "C:\Program Files\MySoftware\CheckDesigner\"
  3. Right click on the file called "MICR" or "MICR.ttf" and select Copy
  4. Navigate to "C:\Windows\Fonts"
  5. Select Edit => Paste
  6. Reboot your computer
  7. Launch the program and see if the MICR symbols are now visible