Newsflash / Intercom is a one-way communication. No data or information is ever sent from your computer to us or anyone else. Newsflash / Intercom is updated every time the user logs on to the Internet with the latest info on their MySoftware product. It enables us to update program notes, include last minute information about using the software or inform our customers about updates. An example of when this technology would be used would be to alert users that a critical fix is available to be downloaded. The user could then download the fix and avoid running into a problem.

The Newsflash / Intercom portion of the software can be removed from your startup group without adversely affecting the function of the program. Follow the directions below if you would like to remove the Newsflash feature from your startup group:

Start > Programs > Startup, right-click on Newsflash, choose Delete (and say Yes to the question about deleting the startup item shortcut).