Payroll data must be entered into the program by setting up an employee and entering in their payroll checks 1 at a time according to their pay period schedule. Historical payroll data for an employee has to be entered in just as if it were entered in as the checks were issued, there is not a way to generate a YTD total without entering in the checks.

Be aware that in addition to manually entering checks, there is an External Payroll feature that can be used in some situations. Generally if you are not concerned with the individual amounts on each check, you can use the External Payroll feature where you can enter data at the company level and also at the employee level if you want. Other than that there is no way to get the data into the program in bulk.

To review the External Payroll feature, click on Accounting and select the External Payroll option.

If you do not plan to use the External Payroll function to enter in payroll data, there are 3 steps:

  1. Click on to the Employee screen and create, setup and save an employee's data.
  2. Generate a Payroll check in the Checks screen, by selecting the employees name, and entering in the pay period dates, and deductions. Deductions can also be generated automatically if you subscribe and install the Tax Table Updates.
  3. Save the Check by clicking "Process Check".

Afterwards, you can generate several different payroll and employee reports by going to Reports and then selecting the Run Reports option.